Branding is a huge buzzword in Hollywood. Haven’t you heard? It is a must for any actor or actress but it can be a difficult thing to grasp. Your brand must be succinct, relatable and easily digestible but you also have to stand out from everyone else with the same brand in order to be selected as the person for the job. I have learned recently that it is a blessing and a curse to be a cute, 20 something brunette that everyone wants to take home to meet their mom. How do I stand out from the crowd with a brand that is so clichéd, so castable, yet so common in this industry?

I was discussing this dilemma with a dear friend and I said as a joke, “I wish I could tattoo ‘I work really really hard’ on my forehead, but that isn’t a brand.” Or is it? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that “I work hard” isn’t a brand but it IS a key part of my personality, and all the things I do to show my work ethic ARE an integral part of my brand. To be honest, a strong work ethic should be a part of all actors’ daily lives but as a type-A, organized, super nice gal, these aspects of my brand actually help define me. Maybe some of these aspects of my brand could be integrated into your brand too! 

Those five things above seem like a random way to express my work ethic, but they all fit with my brand as a cute girl-next door, and will help me stand out from the crowd in the long run. Even though I won’t get a tattoo that says “I work hard,” I am able to show this aspect of my brand in my daily activities and the fact that I keep showing up in my own way: in this town, for this career that I love. My brand is no longer separated from who I am, it is just a part of me.

As you continue your path in 2016, what aspects of yourself are a part of your brand? Are there things you could do to more clearly showcase your strengths? Whatever your brand, embrace it, develop it, and integrate it into your daily life until you no longer need to tattoo it on your head, because it just becomes a part of you!

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