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Spotlight Interview: Nicky Hawthorne, Screenwriter and all ’round badass

If you talk to anyone in the entertainment industry the start of their journey and where they end up is rarely the same. Heck, if you talk to anyone in any industry, their career has evolved as their needs and interests fluctuated. Nicky Hawthorne is an actress turned casting professional turned writer and writing is […]

Spotlight Interview: Makeup Artist Emily Oliver

You know when you meet someone and they tap into your creative mind and inspire you in your own goals and dreams? That is how I felt interviewing the incredible Emily Oliver. This entrepreneurial make up artist has created her own professional business from the ground up and is building her own creative empire day […]

Little Jobs That Matter A Huge Amount In Filmmaking

There are no small jobs. In life or in filmmaking. In fact, some of the smallest jobs are often the most crucial. That is one of the key things I learned while producing my first feature this past January in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Let me start out by saying that our cast and crew were beyond […]

Spotlight Interview: Girl Talk HQ’s Asha Dahya

Inspiration and strength comes from the most unlikely places. For Asha Dahya it came from a difficult divorce and the renewed sense of purpose and drive that came after that experience. A few years ago Asha founded Girl Talk HQ, an online media source dedicated to publishing content about challenging and empowering women around the […]

Why “I Work Hard” Isn’t a Brand

Branding is a huge buzzword in Hollywood. Haven’t you heard? It is a must for any actor or actress but it can be a difficult thing to grasp. Your brand must be succinct, relatable and easily digestible but you also have to stand out from everyone else with the same brand in order to be […]

Pushing Boundaries with No Budget at the No Budget Film Festival 2015

Filmmakers are generally an inspiring bunch. They all, we all, have ideas beating around in our heads just waiting for a chance to escape. These ideas are inspiring and thought-provoking but they often stay lodged inside our brains because we don’t have the right location, or it isn’t the right time, or we don’t have […]

Spotlight Interview: Insane Jane’s Miracle Laurie

I was introduced to the world of Joss Whedon from a dear friend at UC Berkeley and through the vessel of “Buffy” and “Angel”. I still remember holing up in my dorm room one weekend as I inhaled two seasons of “Buffy,” only breaking to get food from the cafeteria downstairs. Of course, this was […]

Spotlight Interview: The Women Behind Australia’s L&L Film Productions – Part 3

In this final part of my discussion with Australian filmmakers: Lauren and Tish, we discuss being women in the film industry, dressing the part, and a brilliant blog they have created called “Almost Corporate” in which they tell stories about their triumphs and failures as women learning to straddle the film and corporate world. If […]

Spotlight Interview: The Women Behind Australia’s L&L Film Productions – Part 2

Last month I started an interview series with the incredible women behind L&L Film Productions, a Brisbane based film company that prides itself “on [their]ability to capture the real, and beautiful, and tell its story.”  In Part 1 we discussed the founders’, Lauren and Tish, background and their current projects that are bringing a voice […]