my first love was storytelling

As an actor bringing a character to life for the first time, as a writer sculpting words on a page, as a producer weaving the thousand disparate elements of a film together… in my mind it all comes back to story. Amplifying voices. Championing fellow filmmakers. Telling stories that haven’t yet been told. 

in a nutshell

Deborah Lee Smith is an award-winning Los Angeles based actor, filmmaker and founder of Pink Boots Entertainment. 

Deb’s portfolio of work includes six features that she has produced and acted in, including Here Awhile starring Anna Camp (Hulu) and the action-thriller Last Three Days (Paramount +), in which she starred opposite Robert Palmer Watkins.  

Her most recent film, Butterfly in the Sky (a documentary about the children’s program Reading Rainbow, now available on Netflix) premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival before going on to entertain audiences around the globe.


Over the past fifteen years, Deborah has captivated audiences in a wide range of genres, from Star Wars fan fiction to neo-noir thrillers set in rural Alabama.

mental health advocate

In 2019, Deborah launched More Than You See – a non-profit organization and podcast with a mission to bring mental health conversations to the forefront.


With multiple feature-length projects in development, Deborah takes on diverse, complex topics in both documentary and narrative films.