Press - Deborah ~Actor. Girl Next Door. Cookie Baker~
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“The film is a strong addition to films that embrace representation, with Deborah Smith’s powerful and nuanced portrayal of a female Sith.” – Black Nerd Girls

Writer/director Jason Satterlund’s short is focused on developing interesting characters that you want to know more about. It features excellent performances from Aris Judson and Deborah Smith, great cinematography by Federico Verardi, and a cinematic score by Geoff Koch, who managed to create music that’s original, but fits right into the universe created by John Williams.” – Mighty Mega

In a sea of mediocre fan films, Satterlund’s latest project stands out from the rest for what it does right. It is filled with high-quality production design, excellent cinematography, great fight choreography and performances, and impressive music that hits the Star Wars tone.” – Stand by 4 Story

“I must tip my hat to the extremely talented and resourceful team over at Big Puddle Films for producing such a stellar short film titled Star Wars: The Force and the Fury.” –

“Directed by Jason Satterlund and starring Aris Juson and Deborah Smith, it’s injected with the true spirit of the saga, and could spur a sequel short if well received by fellow filmmakers and those with a Force-sensitive nature.” –

“I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s refreshing to see such impressive storytelling in a Star Wars fan film.” –

“this is the kind of short that should inspire young filmmakers to go out and make their own movies, because it proves you don’t need a ton of visual effects to tell an effective story. It’s all about the script.” –