I had my first role offered to me this week without an audition and it felt wonderful! I worked with the director of the commercial on another short film and she said she thought of me as soon as she started casting. She wanted bright, smiley, girl-next-door and I fit right in. This made me amazingly happy for many reasons.

One, I loved working with this director in the past so I couldn’t wait to work with her again.

Two, Being given a role without an audition, wow kick butt!

Three, My brand must be spot on because she saw who I was and type cast me straight away. Yay typecasting!

The commercial shoot went very well and I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky I am to be doing this. With all the jobs I have done, my favorite part has been connecting with people, and hearing their stories. With acting I get to connect, listen, and create all in a make believe space. What a dream job!